Bridge Capital Solutions is always here to help our customers with whatever they need. Whether it’s help in managing their cash flow, or delivering new and better ways to save money and build a stronger business, we’re committed to supporting the smaller businesses via NYC small business services that are so commonly overlooked or under-served. We speak with business owners every day, and understand what it takes to run a business, particularly in today’s economy. That’s one of the reasons we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping small to medium-sized businesses put more—and better—tools in their toolkit.

Our alliances with LIDC and SBA enable us to act as your liaison in your search for low-interest business loans to fund business expansion, equipment, and even the purchase of a building for your business.

Healthcare is a major concern for many small businesses. Many have reported to us that they are suffering huge year-to-year increases in the cost of their health insurance plans and dental programs. Most find shopping for life insurance plans, 401ks, and college savings accounts to be confusing and time-consuming. For that reason, Bridge Capital Solutions has developed alliances with great professionals to provide our members with a free evaluation of their existing plans. We are committed to helping our members secure the best your business can provide.

Bridge Capital Solutions remains dedicated to supporting small to

medium-sized businesses. For the latest list of free customer benefits you get with our NYC small business services, call your customer representative at 631.236.5119.

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