OFFICERS for our Financial Services New York


President and co-founder of Bridge Capital Solutions, Michael Casalini spent over 20 years in the construction industry, where he owned his own business, Builders Choice Concrete Corporation. While operating his business, Casalini experienced the typical trials and tribulations, especially the daunting issue of revenue cycle management.

In 2005, he co-founded Bridge Capital Solutions, which pioneered a new type of financial services addressing cash flow solutions. He was also a sergeant in the U.S. Air Force, which endeared him to initiate the Bridge Capital Foundation, a non-profit aimed at supporting Long Island’s veterans.


As co-founder and vice president of Bridge Capital Solutions, Greg Jagenburg used his decade of experience in the custom home building industry to develop the company’s sales department and implement its risk management program. Before founding his construction company, Jagenburg played an instrumental role in bringing his family’s business, FruitCrown Products Corp., to a national level, creating partnerships with brands such as Hershey’s and Ben and Jerry’s.

Jagenburg carries a distinct legacy of athletic excellence, as he is a world-class swimmer who earned a gold medal at the 1975 World Games. He is also a recognized benefactor to the Long Island region, supporting numerous charitable efforts.